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    What should I put on my Taco?

    the deaver replacement pack just bols into he stock locations right? Something I can do at home in the garage and save some money on install costs. I kinda know what i am doing and have tools to do it. I mean leafs are not that hard right?
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    why do things cost so much

    speaking of costs. Why do a-arm setups cost so much. yeah i know the time and research invested in to making them right cost money, but so does everything people try to sell as their own. What I am saying is everything costs money to develop, but why do shops jack up the price so freakin much to...
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    no joke but just the other weekend i did 135 on the 10 going to arizona in a freakin deawoo sedan. i did not think those 9000 dollar cars were capable of a smooth ride at those speeds or could even get up to that speed. It seemed like 60 too
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    guilty until proven innocent?

    innocent it was consentual in my mind and she probably had to deal with her parents so she made up a story to cover he ass--------bitch. FREE KOBE
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    taco coilover removal-----help

    well what can be done if the springs are shot to [daddy didnt love me]? is my only fix a replacement of the spring?
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    taco coilover removal-----help

    alright then thanks I just wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing because the shop wants like 450-500 bucks for him to do it and rebuild and put back on. I say the 150 for the rebuild is much better and I'll do the removal and install thanks you very much. later. by the way is that about...
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    taco coilover removal-----help

    So I cannot just loosen the top bolts, remove the lower bolt and let the arms hang and then remove the top bolts. I am just trying to remove the thing not take it apart myself. You see, when I bought it 2 years ago, it came complete and all I had to do was bolt it in and adjust ride...
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    taco coilover removal-----help

    how exactly am I supposed to go about taking it out. I have the fabtech adjustable coilover kit on there and it needs to be rebuilt. three bolts on top then there is athe middle one which is a little bigger and finally the bottom eye of the shock bolt. Which order do i take it out/off?
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    Dezert People

    Its is down the street from my place so I'll probably be there
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    yeah that was pretty unnecessary
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    Glamis on July 4th

    that is what I figured about the heat. I guess the river it is
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    oh well I liked it so what are some good ones that are mostly trucks thaT i can get ahold of. the only other video I have is DP
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    Glamis on July 4th

    So do people go out to Glamis for the 4th of July? I was thinking so for the party aspect of that day, but then I was thinking NO because the weather is too hot during the day to run your truck. So do lots of people go out there for the 4th and if so are you?
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    quiksand 3 is a pretty tight video although it has mainly sand rails and dirt bikes. (I like the trucks more). Anyway, If you were thinking about getting it I would say do it. The TandA in it is also pretty good. Oh yeah and most of it is at glamis with a Robby Gordan sections. man his...
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    what about this welder?

    now from those tell me how one can tell if a welder is crappy or know by the outside casing of the welder. I am just trying to learn about the performance of the welder....not trying to be a dick if that is how it comes across.