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    Need assistance with missing teen

    She has been found and headed home. Thank you, Cam
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    Need assistance with missing teen

    Moderators let me know if this is okay to post this in this section. Remove if needed. My friend’s daughter Emily has been missing since 2/12/20 from Martinez, CA and it’s believed she was headed towards LA area possibly with a boyfriend. If you see her please contact the Contra Costa County...
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    B1k map please

    I don't post often, come to this forum for info and racing topics. But this had me laughing at work and my coworkers looked at me funny. Mainly because it's an ongoing joke with my brother in law and friends. Cant look any sales deals or random 2 for 1 things without one of us saying "Two! for...
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    ★ Dakar 2019 - Stage3: San Juan de Marcona > Arequipa

    It’s nice to see that even with time lost Potts still helped out a rider. shows good character and glad there are still drivers like him that help out, unlike some top names I saw mentioned earlier in years past. I also like to note that I was happy to know that RG got it going and it’s on the...
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    Baja 1000 Qualifying

    I thought FishGistics showed Andy’s time was 1:54
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    I was wondering the same thing but I do know that BITD and BLM dont want people just randomly on the side of the course. But question is what happens further north where they course crosses main paved roads or access roads? Can we just take a dirt road on public land and get near the course? I'm...
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    Bill Weber

    Yeah he was part of the BFG performance team in the BC cars. Met him but didn't really talk to him, great guy from what others told me. Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert mobile app
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    No amber, no taillights.

    Sorry non original post related, but as a volunteer for the BC cars during this race I'd like to pass this info to the shop crew. Did you happen to catch the number of the car or anything stand out in the colors? We check lights night before race and give a quick inspection at pits. I have a...
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    Gas in Conquista Agraria RM 1090?

    I haven't gone much further south than cataviña, so is there a Pemex or gas station between Cataviña and Guerrero Negro? Or no gas for the 150 mile stretch and only gas sold on side of the road? Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert mobile app
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    Dust to Glory 2 ????

    Same here, but my link to local theater wasn't working so I contacted Fathom and they gave me a link thru Fandangos. 4 tickets bought and hope to take others with us! Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert
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    On Topic 3rd gen ram 1500 suspension kits?

    Carli suspension Sent from my iPhone using race-deZert
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    InReach Explorer, Explorer+ or SPOT for contact/family monitoring in Baja

    I've own the Spot for a few years and works great for its purpose. Send OK messages home. Like said above you have to get creative with their pre-written messages for "Ok", "Custom", and "Help". You also only get a limited amount of people you will send that message to, I believe 10-12. I only...
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    ^^^ thats actually an old video from like 2-3 years ago... skip to 5 min mark
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    Are YOU going to be in the new DUST 2 Glory

    I saw some film guys during contingency at the 1000 this year. Yellow vest with "media" in the front, the on the back said Dust to Glory2. Filmed all around me, the car in front of me, but not me.. oh well maybe I'll make a different shot @cam_toyota_tech