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    The "Ironman" debate

    Sam Berri deserves some respect for this. Not Baja but as far as I know, he does all the driving in his single seater.
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    What is Robby building?

    The La Victoria Truck is now the 38 Hustead. Here it is at KOH.
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    Ivan Stewart Modern motors Chenowth 1000 replica build

    I have a Jaz cell in the SC/Rambler since 2016. I'll have to check it out but I do make sure its full of Ethanol free fuel while stored hoping that will keep it from drying out.
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    2019 NORRA Mex 500.....YES!

    Wish we could be there. I wonder if Mike is using the same trophy for the 500 as the 1000, would be cool to have a different design to commemorate the different races.
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    2019 SCORE Baja 400 - Live Stream & Updates Thread & Post Race Expert Analysis

    Just set the start by previous race results (within classes). It addresses every problem including the length of this thread. Rewards those who show up to every race. Tempers the advantage of having a "ringer" do the qualifying/starting. Gives a nice reward to anyone that has a clean race...
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    What is Robby building?

    It'll crack me up if he was talking about the new speedRCcar deal this whole time, and just jerkin your chains. LOL
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    Jimmy Johnson Trophy Truck

    Same Truck?
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    Vegas to Reno @@ PHOTOS @@

    Glad you made it . Did you get one of the #99?
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    Ivan Stewart Modern motors Chenowth 1000 replica build

    I like your fab skills and your humor....your very good at humor :)
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    2020 Norra Mexican 1000 Day 2 Changes ???

    Option 4: BofLA rooms go in order of oldest vintage car first, and so on until the room are gone. Nice reward for actually bringing vintage vehicles. ;)
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    BAJA 500 Accident Moto vs TT

    Hate to be an armchair commentator but I rode bikes in the 70s and my Truck is 8'2" wide and we "touch" just about everything we pass. " I heard that truck just screaming through the mountains...... I could see him coming from hot 3 or 4 miles out." Under these conditions I...
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    Tesla electric truck, new prerunner or race truck candidate?

    Tesla is awesome car, but it's downside goes beyond the obvious market challenges. The biggest proponents for plug in electric cars are the same folks who want to get rid of nuclear and coal and natural gas electricity to save the environment, tear out the dams to save the salmon/whales, and...
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    Robby Gordon TT AWD conversion

    Obviously, but, my comment was more about the prior comment about AWD not being as effective on a mid engine platform. We about to find out.
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    Gun / Protection to Baja for Pre-Run and Race?

    The easiest way to make Mexico safer for you is to quit believing what you hear on the news. 99.99% the only people are in danger in mexico are the same kind of folks that get killed in Baltimore and they are not tourists.
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    Robby Gordon TT AWD conversion

    It will be interesting to see if Andy's new truck proves you wrong. There's another guy that had ID Designs build an AWD front end to graft onto an old Porter Mid-engine.