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  • Matt,
    Sorry, don't go on here very often and just now saw your mesage. What car # were you in. I did get some awesome sequence shots of a few diffwent roll overs. I also sent some to Ray Bokelman a few weeks ago and he said he knew the guys in the pictures. So maybe Ray sent them to you.

    send me an email to and I will send you the pictures if you have not already got them from Ray.
    call Embroidery in Motion in Mira Loma... its in the same building as Parker Pumper, its ran by the owner of Parker Pumpers wife... she sewed a tear in My MOMO suit a few years ago... she put a small piece of nomex material in between my Nomex layers and sewed it up... so there was no weak spots

    heres the # 951-360-9368

    she'll do ya right... she does all of my embroidery

    Embroidery in Motion
    3834 Wacker Dr
    Mira Loma, CA,
    (951) 360-9368
    Byron was wearing a D cel, and I just had a donut on. I think I need to buy a D cel now though. I can't believe that we escaped with the minor injuries that we had.
    no problem... I knew u were lookin and as soon as the pics came up I had to notify u cause they were wild... were you guys wearing head and neck restraints (HNR)?
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