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    RIP Mike McQueen

    What a shame, great guy with great workmanship and awesome stories. He will be missed.
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    Conservationists Trying to stop V2R

    Anyone who uses BLM or other land for racing, riding or any other activity and votes for Democrats is shooting themselves in the foot and or the head. They (Democrats) will not stop until the entire desert and as much forest land as they can get hold of are Off Limits to man and our machines...
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    LICENSING, is it time?

    Just FYI: In SCCA Road Racing, where you pay to play and run what you brung. I volunteer as a corner worker/flagger and have crewed for a half dozen racers in a couple different classes of cars. In it getting a competition license is more about your safety and that of your fellow drivers, corner...
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    Super Charged Trophy Truck?

    When I saw the title I was thinking EcoBoost, but them are turbos. I know SCORE has let them (Ford) run in Stock Fullsize class.
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    On Topic You hit a spectator, what happens next?

    I took this a long time ago, either at the Mint or Parker back in the day with not so smart 'mericans!
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    On Topic You hit a spectator, what happens next?

    Not going to name call, but the people that don't know where to be, or decide to be where they know they shouldn't for any reason have ruined spectating most big races in the U.S. and might just do the same in B.C. I remember a short time ago when you could spectate from almost anywhere at...
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    Looking for a good auto trans. shop in Nor Cal

    Thanks, Ford wants twice what my guy in L.A. wants, so I guess I'll drive it down and have him do it.
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    Looking for a good auto trans. shop in Nor Cal

    Need to get my 4r70w trans rebuilt in San Jose area, anyone know a good shop near by?
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    Stock Ford Radius arms

    Nor Cal try Santa Clara Truck Wreckers in...Santa Clara. They have pretty much everything in used Ford Truck parts.
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    Front Bumpers

    Here is mine I built with the help of a friend a couple years ago. It looked a little different with the original 1990 body and black paint. It will be black again when we're done with the suspension and cage. With a new front bumper. and heres one of Frank Vessels' '93 F150
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    Any Prerunners in NorCal

    I would be interested in helping out on races and maybe some prerunning. I am new to NorCal, and have been out of Off-road Racing for a while. I have a '90 2wd F150 that is pretty capable. I am a pretty descent mechanic and fabricator, as well as electrician. Email me if you would like some...
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    HMNI Bill

    New to Nor Cal from Southern Cal. Planning on getting out to as many races I can this year. Looking to help out on a Ford Truck team in the San Jose, CA area. I have a 1990 F-150 2WD with a hopped up 5.0L, 9 inch rear and lots of other cool stuff. Looking towards converting it to a semi-legal...