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    very light prerunner, what shocks?

    You're going to want 2.5's if you're running in big terrain for more than 15 minutes.
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    Spring rate selection

    You have all the right ideas regarding how to measure your setup. You want less split on spring rate than you have now. Everyone has different ideas for how to tune ... some are better than others.
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    Fox shock preload

    1" of preload in front, 2" in rear.
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    Dez racing with full hydro steering?

    The really fast U4 guys are running IFS almost entirely for the improved steering at speed. Being able to run a rack and pinion is a big chunk of that. They say full hydro doesn't give you enough feedback. Maybe one of them will chime in with more info.
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    Trying to get rid of choppy ride

    In addition to converting the air shocks I'd ditch the gold valve.
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    Jeep TJ

    Impecable timing, we just tuned a TJ this weekend to play in the whoops and still be comfortable on the street and trail. More video in bigger whoops coming soon. p.s. we're in Carson next to Ikea
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    On Topic New Article from AccuTune Off-Road: How King Compression Adjusters Work

    Hey everyone, I wrote another article about how King compression adjusters work. You can check it out here: How King Compression Adjusters Work I also updated the Fox DSC Dual Speed Compression Adjuster article so you can more directly compare the two. Happy to answer any questions you may...
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    4.0 bypass to big?

    A 4.0 will work well, just make sure you've got a large motion ratio. You don't want that anywhere near the axle.
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    Bypass shocks

    Either Fox or King 2.5 IBPs will be an improvement over a 3.0 emulsion unless you're on the upper end of the valving. I need to write all of this out in an article but here's some food for thought: King IBP's act like a bottoming zone, Fox IBP's act like a 3-Tube bypass with multiple zones. All...
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    Chase Truck Suspension -- Washboards

    If that's the type of off-roading you do then custom tuned remote reservoir shocks will help a lot. IFP shocks aren't great for washboard, as the oil heats up the pressure increases drastically which can cause the shock to leak or make the ride quality worse. IFP's are fine for the street and...
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    2.0 Factory Series IFP Rebuild?

    I've found the video's on YouTube are missing critical steps such as bleeding the air out of the shocks.
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    Spring rates and valving

    There are some standard metrics to follow regarding spring preload, but how you get there depends on the things mentioned by Cosmo.
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    Kings shocks PSI

    I'd put the front down to 150 and only increase it if you have a good reason. I'd drop that rear to 150 psi, and being a bypass I can almost guarantee you'll never need to increase it. Lowering pressure will really help with friction and small bump compliance. The next step is to look at...
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    Joyner kart shocks

    Calculating proper oil & nitrogen setup for an air shock just isn't worth it. Too many variables including temperature. I can calculate the correct valving, but it's lower accuracy than coilovers, smoothies, and bypasses. Cosmo nailed it, coilovers are your best bet if he wants a bolt on...
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    Sway Bar

    PAC and Sway-A-Way both make good bars and components. Sway-A-Way bars are 4340 and can be reground if they're too stiff. I've done a few now and can help if you're not sure what rate you need.