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    Friendly fire in Mexico

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    Baldwin loves figure 8's

    Maybe the boobs were the cause of the harsh nerfing brought up in another thread? Maybe it just took longer for the faster guys to slow down to see the b00bies?
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    Stock Full: After all that SMACK...

    Don't forget about that fender that bit my wrist while attempting to loosen the bolts to get the leaf spring off. I never got it stiched up, just keeping the fresh super glue on it. So the truck just started right up the next day? That sucks, we tried all sorts of crap to get the water out.
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    SCORE Class 6 question

    "mini trophy truck"
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    Toyotas pulling Toyotas on the I10 freeway

    When I saw them at the gas station, I just had to ask. I have seen them on every trip. I am in Havasu almost once a month, and make a couple trips a year to CA. I aksed the guys how many times they do the route. They said that they run it twice a month. I don't know how it takes them 9 days to...
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    Toyotas pulling Toyotas on the I10 freeway

    I see these darn things all the time on the 10 heading east. I finally met one of the guys at the Zip gas station on the Vicksburg turnoff just east of Quartzite. I asked him where they are taking all these trucks. He said Guatamala! They pick the trucks up in the San Fransisco area and drive...
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    MB Motorsports Poster for SEMA & Baja 1000

    Congrats Marc!!!!!!!!
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    Congrats to Jon Krellwitz & Darren Skilton

    congrats Johnboy. Wish I could have been there.
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    weatherman feed

    fixed mine too. thanks
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    weatherman feed

    I am on IE 6. It is working perfect!!!!!
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    Whiplash @ Firebird Photo Update

    Wow, My 50 made the very first photo. I am honored.
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    SEMA who's going

    I will be there Wed. - Fri.
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    Nucking Futts!!! check out this "hiking trail"
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    ufc fight

    The couple I have been to have been pretty good. I am not an expert on the rules, but I know that they have different classes in RITC. In some classes you can closed fist punch when standing. The less experienced classes are not allowed to.
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    ufc fight

    I hope Tito goes away. So many good fighters going to Affliction, it would be a shame if Tito was included in the talented croud. He sucks butt. IMHO