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  • I have 4 or 5 of your 8 truck but I cant find any of your TT, shoot me an email and I will send you some proofs..
    Do you or your co-driver have any perception of me when I pass you like that, Before I get alongside? Are you then blinded by dust, making it more worth it to stop and fix spark plug wire?

    Glad you didn't have to sleep out there!
    When you went by later in the pits, it did sound like you were just motoring, and I'd thought you must not be running on all cylinders when I passed you. You were still making plenty of dust, think I scared my newbie co-driver charging through said dust. How about sending me an email? I'll go try and find a pm to delete, though, right now. What happened with the TT? Gabe and I were hoping third time would be a charm.
    Trent, what happened? I saw you Saturday morning on the outbound Midway-Wenden power line road, then saw you in the time I saw your truck, it was on a trailer on HWY 72 between Bouse and Parker. Sorry you did not finish.
    Raulo filmed it.....Draw order for 8100 is Roglin, Casey, Beaver, Merritt bwahahahahaha
    out in barstow -- he'll do good -- your freaking profile page is jacking up my eyes son !!! ;-)
    ya the 13 is filming on monday --- same plan as beaver m-sports would've had !
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