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  • Trey.... what's your last name? I had a discussion
    with a friend about you and I discussing in Moab... he asked.
    Hey trey, Ted here in Uruapan Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and and a Happy New Year. Just wondering what happened to that ambulance that was in the works. Are we still on?
    We have had 3 accidents since with one fatality because of lack of the golden hour medical attention. It takes the Cruz Roja over an hour to get to the accidents in Uruapan-Santo Tomas area. Just keep me utpdated as to what i can do if anything to help out.
    Thanks!!!!! Ted Quirino
    Ref. your post in Purple: Are you talking about whoever voted down the posts or the people who post in purple?
    it wouldn't let me rep you again so i had to post in here and say that pic of sheila in WTAR is epic!
    Thanks you did a great job driving!
    And it all goes back to my never say never mentality we did good even if it was only 1lap
    Thanks man! Wife said once we get settled she woul even sign off on me starting a build of own, lol!

    Just trying to time my retirement cashout here and the right job over there.

    Not deadset on LE, as long as I could pay my bills and keep going to races! Lol!
    Nice - Hoping to relocate from Hell, Arizona to SD in the next couple years - Trying to balance Ocean Breeze with Property Prices - LOL!
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