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  • Hey Trey, put up some more photos of your new car. That thing is sueweeeeeeeeeeeet!
    Haven't seen any of your posts in a while so I thought I'd stop by and say HOLA AMIGO!! Hope all is well with you Trey!!
    Good time the other night Trey. Was it your camera the had the group pic of the WTAR regulars? You gotta put that up in there if you have it.
    We may mix-it-up a bit in the Purple zone but you hold your own. I'd give you Reps. if I had any so you'll just have to wait (I've only been on this forum 3 days now so give me a break! lol)
    We'll meet up and have a cold one one of these days at the races. If you are at Powder Puff stop by our pit (DAMZL flag), Good times. Laters and have a great day - Thanks
    are yoiu involved with dist 38 and mdr? do you race yourself? a 24 hr race would be fun. there is a good turn out at the current races so if five guys could team up it would be good. the last 24hr race had very poor attendance. besides us there were about nine other teams. i think us and duncan's quad put in the most miles
    who is planning a 24hr race? i have been trying to tell the dist 38 guys to do it since fud passed and they dont want to. i am one a few that raced the last two 24hr races. keep me informed
    happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear trey......happy birthday to you!!!!!
    hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends:)
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