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    On Topic 50th SCORE Baja 500

    How to F'up a helo
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    2016 SCORE Baja 500

    Looks like a major bottleneck.
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    Baja 4000??

    This looks like fun. I dought MO has anything to do with it. It's too well thought out of a website and he is too stupid to think of this. Read the website it is pretty informative.
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    2015 Baja 1000 - Coverage

    Colton(5x) has 30+ miles on the next bike.
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    This. Saw the whole thing. The guy was coming so hot that we backed off from where we were 50 ft up course. He hit the brakes hard, broke the rear loose and over compensated, and then did it again in the counter steer all while brakes were locked. At that point he was fuked. Talent was weak in...
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    Baja 500 Race Day Coverage

    3 kids 1 adult hurt nothing serious. Pretty dumb crash.
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    Baja 500 Race Day Coverage

    Yes they are off the line. Had spot trouble at start Score put new tracker in looks like that isn't working either or still tracking old one and they didn't update spot page.
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    Desert Assassins skipping Baja 500 to make truck changes/upgrades

    Stopped at the shop today and met Mike. Trucks look good, Best I've seen them ever. Going to miss you doing the Mike's party, next year I hope. Best of luck brother, see you somewhere in Baja.
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    if YOU were roger.......

    The Pete and Jerry show again, always cracks me up. How about a dress up at Mike's? Loser pays the bill? But wait both of you will lose to Luke, he is way cuter then either of you.
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    Baja day trip

    Sounds like fun, where will be in the the race. Would like to come down for it .
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    Baja day trip

    Yeah that is what I was thinking. Might even look into El Coyote or Meling instead of Mike's. Let me know if you want to go. I'll be in my Jeep.
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    Baja day trip

    More fun is Tecate to Compadre explore a bit of the course through the Pine Forest, down to Valle T, up to Mikes (overrated). Next day go over to El Coyote to Erindera and stay at Coyote Cals. Then head back to Tecate via Compadre. With a few course sections included. Either way I am interested.
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    For those who miss the hummer