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  • you should of had that damn competition! Too bad most of the people of that redneck show are biased for Jr. ! Maybe its time to start doing another motorcycle mania show and start letting people see what real bike building is all about!!!
    Great F-ing job on Howard today glad you could speak your mind and clear the air! Getting the book this weekend. Any chance of getting a ride in the #54 when you come to So Cal for testing or a race?
    Jesse have you done any wild pig hunting in Texas yet? They say Texas has sum of the biggest wild pigs 400LB + and if you have balls you do it with a hand gun. My friend and I are looking to make a trip this year
    Thanks for the great pic Bro. Didn't see you at the 80's party......see ya at the Baja Grand!!!
    like you come to run a road race in Los Cabos Baja California Sur? the next 6 and February 7 will do a road race called the Eastern Cape 250, in which we invite you to run, have a lot of participation from drivers who are in SCORE, I will mention a few:
    Luis Ramirez Jr., ex-driver Jefferies Racing, 1st. place baja 500 2008
    Luis Camarena winner of long jump in LDC ´10
    Francisco Villagomez 1st Place Class 12 LDC ´10
    Samuel Araiza
    Steve Barry
    Robert Ross 1st. Place Laughlin 2010 Score International
    etc ...
    I would like to know your answer.
    I say goodbye with a salute
    Ha ha. I'm not whining, just wondering. You're not Charles Barkely. You ARE a role model. Why not use your powers for good? Ever read these messages? Besides, I was given Klaus a hard time.

    BTW, a friend's 7 year old was a crack up with her cursing, I called her "The Littlest Stevedore," though she'd never been to LBC.
    you know Richard Riviera?(from GFK) he is my wife's uncle, he's always bragging to the family how he knows you haha. im married in so i consider him my uncle. great guy. anyways see you at a race one day!

    New Geiser in your future.Great choice! I chased Sheppard when we won the TT championship and the 1000. Need a race trip bad. I'm fully equipped for Geiser stuff. Have cool chase rig. Ask Ricky about me if you need a guy or two. I have buddy that chases with me been doing it for years. I just turned five O, dependable. NO excuses with that new rig now! I only stalk women. New show is cool,pm
    Jesse, at the 40th Baja Anniversary Bash, we made eye contact, and I'm thinking, "Where do I know that guy from?" probably with some dumbass look on my face, and by the time I was getting to the Jeff Spicoli line, "Hey! I know that dude!" you were giving me the Travis Bickel "You looking at me!?!" look, so I didn't introduce myself. Glad to call you a friend. Keep having fun!
    My better half has a suggestion for "Dead Man": You arrive home with lipstick on your collar, and spend the hour 'splainin' it away to the Mrs. And the explanation shows it is, indeed, innocent.

    I told her Spike wouldn't spring for your wife's day rate. ;)
    Love the post from Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2009, the truck looked badass out there....going through the trees looks like a huge adrenaline rush....
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