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  • I just saw your postive mark on my "reputation". I'm still a newbie on Race-Dezert and still trying to figure all of this out. Thank you for the kudos!!
    my dads pad is ok but my aunts house got it pretty bad, all her fine china broke, stuff fell and broke, it was gnarly

    Everything is still the same, just got a call about a temp job at Sony but I didn't have enough of an Excel background to get it, everything else was good though...

    How is it with you? Gotta stick to your diet homie
    Dammit, I forgot to call you today, Tom Willis called me and I told him you'd like to help out at the 250, he said to give you his number, call me when you can
    I think I did, I put one in at Resmed, my profile has said I've been in consideration for a few months now, I guess no news is good news, I also applied at MedImpact, but that position was hire than my qualifications, still applied, you never know...
    nada, still looking, I was hoping companies would be more willing to hire after the new year, especially at least one from the 3 calls I got a few weeks before the year ended but nothing
    Even if I had planned to go, got my rooms, set everything up I wouldn't have made it, my grandma passed away a few days before the event...

    Glad you had fun, I read about it and it sounded way better than SCORE's Laughlin race.
    I only found one that I sort of qualified for...we'll see. Thanks for the heads up
    just saw it, cool pic! wont be at the drive race, taking tina to universal studios that day but we might go to the CODE race on Oct 3rd for my birthday
    you should take a picture of the garage and submit it on that one thread! make sure you get the old school ivan stewart fender in the pic!haha
    what's up chuck!? sorry I haven't been in touch much, been really busy, wedding was last week and moved into a new apartment this weekend, everything has been hectic

    my bad yo, hope all is well
    Thank you!. I've been away from the computer for a few days so I appreciate it. I'll be out in the dez all day tomorrow too. Running at least one last lap to make sure I am 100% happy with the course we came up with. I'm a bit of a perfectionist that way. Thanks for volunteering!
    Hey Chuck,
    We are waiting on Doug and Larry to finalize the course so that we know exactly what we need and where we need it :)
    Everything should be finished by this week and we'll post it by weekend/next week.

    Thanks again for helping out. Were working hard on it!

    Draw party wasn't too bad... Weather was kinda crummy.. Just until we packed up to go home..
    Yes.. My gf and I are going to volunteer for the KOTD race. Do you know if the volunteer coordinator is going to be at the drawing?
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