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  • Long time no see...haha Congrats on a great season. Looking forward to getting back, I am already working on pit preps for the may race. I know Matt is super excited aobut this season too. I am jealous you got to get over to BlackMarkets new shop. Good luck in the March race!
    Just wanted to thank you for my "rep" point!!! :) Just saw that - you are so sweet!!
    Ready for a sheet of tabs bubba ? Thanks for comeing down the other nite also it was good to hear another persons opinion on **ban me****ban me****ban me****ban me**ty customers lol
    Tut I just wanted to say Pepper did a great job out there today and you two looked like you were having a blast each time I saw you thru start finish.Congrats to her on finishing her first race as driver of record.Glad I didn`t have to help with the trottle this time.
    Thank You for the kind comments. :) The same back at you! Its all about having fun, a great time and great sportsmanship!
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