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  • Sorry to hear it, I was in Rye Colorado once, woke up in the moring and my friends house and there was a six foot drift blocking the door, we had to crawl out the back window and go dig out the snow mobiles. We came back later for the door but had to play first. LOL
    Nope! Minus 6 right now and it's DUMPING on us! Couldn't open the front door this morning, frozen shut and a foot of snow in front of it. That's never good!
    I was going to call my friend up ur way and tell him that its been getting cold out here (was 54 on my way to work this morning), but I dont think he would give me much sympathy. :D
    I'm starting over...I just can't fit the power and the parts I want into that little car! I made the descision last night that it would be silly to completely mutilate this body trying to stuff crap in it that just won't fit. Hell, I don't even like the lines of the Bug, was going to put a low-pro roof rack on it even to hide the domed roof. Retarded! I'll have barely much more tube into a full width chassis as I would in the Bug, so might as well build it to suit. Thinking roomy 4 seater, 350 chevy motor, th350 auto trans, IRS rear still though! Using a Jaguar rear diff I hope. So it'll be more of a front engine buggy than a truggy. I posted you a message on your thread, but If the guy looking at it doesn't buy it by Friday, we'll figure out a way to get it to you. Maybe drop the price a little to work with the shipping costs. I'll keep you in the loop! Later! Cody
    You should change your avatar text so that each word is on a different line so it can be read =)

    Ah, I see! Nope, never heard of him. Nice thinking that good ol Yankton might be bigger than it really is once in awhile, though! Tell him to watch for a ginormous VW Bug on 33s and an 80" track width in the next year or two! Later! Cody
    His name is Brian Fedde, he is a physical therapist. He is/was a pretty conservative guy growing up not sure he would travel in the offroad circle. Paths might cross sometime though.
    I got a buddy that lives in Yankton, gets pretty cold up your way. LOL 6 year vacation, WTF am I doing wrong.
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