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  • Yeah your probably going to find this wierd but I dont really drink. I mean I do but like out in the desert or at the lake. I dont go out and drink. Sorry. I'm sure we'll hook up at a race or something.
    Chicks took second. Not to bad for never racing. Also saw your truck at the Expo. Looking good. Really like the front bumper. Also as a heads up your resi hose on the drivers side is rubbing on a inner fender screw. Thought I'd let you know before it became a big problem.
    My shop is in Glendale/LA. They are running 1350. They are running our 4 seat buckshot prerunner. My sisters name is Kari (Chase) Richey
    Hey sorry I saw this late. I'm tied up in the shop until after the powder puff race this weekend. Still a few loose ends to tie up on the prerunner my wife and sister are racing.
    Yeah my boss is up there right now and my wifes aunt lives there. I was looking at pictures and the place is covered. We'll work something out. Does your chick shred? My wife does and can hang with the boys alright. She's more of a, do 5 runs and stop and get a drink, kinda girl. haha
    Your always welcome to help out. But I understand about the snowboard thing. Every free weekend I have in the winter I head to Mammoth.
    It was probably my grey one, it's got a 2" leveling with King coilovers and 35's. The silver one is on 37's. Not going to make the MDR race. I'll be outta town.

    Hope I get to see your truck rolling around soon. Good luck with it.
    Yeah it could have been me. There are a few of us running around with the numbers. If its a charcoal superduty or a silver superduty its probably me.

    Hows your truck coming along? I have my 95 f150 and our 62 baja front end built by the baja shop.
    I know!!! Stupid dirty bird!~ That all happened so quick.. I am just happy I got to watch the replay it was effin hilarioussssssssss....... they asked if he knew who I was "nope, no idea"... then they asked if they knew who the man was and the woman in the video was .. and he said .. "o"..... bwaahahaha
    Yo, it was nice to meet you at Primm. Hope i provided a little entertainment
    Looks like either Fri night or earlyyyyyyyyy Sat am ... Just don't be like the others on here (RDC) and be too shy to come say hi!
    Of course of course! I am bringing 2 gf's with me so it should be *interesting*!~ I was just in Primm a few weeks ago for the SNORE race. I pretty much have a good time anywhere I go!~

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