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  • im doing good, all is well, been working alot and traveling a little bit, took a two week trip and saw rome,athens,turkey,egypt,malta, and barcelona, and im going to dubai next week, so ya, im stoked rite now, i cant wait to get back out there, im just itching to go racing. im coming home june 1st, then going to the baja 500, then i leave the 10th for a two week trip to main land mexico, oaxaca here i come....talk to you soon, hope all is well with you
    omg, i cant wait to get back on the course, only 5 more monthes!!!!!!!!!!! wooooo hooooo. take care
    wassup, cameron here just checking in, say hi, wont be racing for a while, im working in qatar for a year, but this is my new screen name. how r u doing?
    I know its a crappy situation... after seeing my roomies room the other night I HAVE to be here when she moves out so we can discuss how she plans on fixing what shes messed up :( LAME she's cutting into my racing!! :mad: I'll miss you guys again too!
    You got the right Randy.
    We are trying to see if there will be any cars in our class. We will probably be there to work some bugs out.
    I'm still up in the air at this moment :) I really want to hang out with you again!!! My close friends and I are going to Glamis for Memorial Day... want to go?? :D You are always invited and this may be our last desert trip as a group until Labor Day or so... I think you would get along great with them! :) I will keep you posted on the night race though :) This month has been a tough one though as far as money goes so that's the biggest thing holding me back at the moment.
    Thx! Sorry about Cully's transmission. Prob cant make May, think we're racing MDR Ridgecrest, prior committment...see u @ Drive. Rich.
    Alicia, I'll have my Printer Xtra cartridges and plenty of Photopaper in case anyone may want to get photos of themselves in the race...Just would need a place with a generator...If you know of anyone. If you have any ideas let me know....dave
    Alicia, Hi Bryce broke the car on Saturday & Larry lost the Trans on Sunday...Fraley Built Class 10 Takes the Weekend Piloted by Robert McBeath. Other than that I have a couple of Pictures for you and I can't seem to send them here on RDC. If I could get your E-Mail Address I can send them along to you. Thanks...dave
    Hi alicia, It was great to meet you and your family...I have a picture for you...In talking to Bruce I here that Bryce is running a 10 car here at laughlin this weekend...Very Interesting. Hope to see you again sometime either Desert or short course..
    the other Dave Clark
    Hey Alicia!!! One week until the race!! Just wanted to touch base and say hi!! I'm super excited!! It looks like I will be down there Friday afternoon to help with contingency :) So I'll be around the whole weekend and can't wait to meet you!! :) When are you rolling into town?
    thank U , my brother taked 2 perry he is doing ok, his wife may take a while 2 recover, thatnks 4 your prayers n concern
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