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Raced Class 2 buggy (now Super 1650) for a few years around 2000, finished 3rd outright (2nd in class) in the Queensland Off Road Championship in 2003 but after breaking ANOTHER set of beams and moving away from my racing friends, lost interest in finishing off the repairs. I still have that car, and it still needs work!
Three years ago, I got interested in building a more powerful buggy and bought an almost rolling Kadco frame and assorted parts. Since then been spending dollars trying to finish the build. IF I finally get my trans and adapter in the next few weeks, I'll be extremely busy to get the car ready for some testing prior to running the Finke Desert race in June 2015 (thats a big IF, as I've been waiting for that trans for over 2 years now!!!!).
Sep 13, 1968 (Age: 51)
Northern Territory, Australia
Warwick Leven
Class I race in
Pro / Prolite Buggy
Favorite Race
Finke Desert race
Favorite Race Driver
BJ Baldwin
Nissan Patrol (daily driver)
Harley Fat Bob
Kadco Buggy (well, one day soon I hope!)
1985 Hornet (Super 1650)
Favorite Offroad Website
Air Force Mechanic and Electrician