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    2018 SCORE San Felipe 250

    Does anyone have the "unoffical" finishing numbers of the TTs?
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    MINT lost and found

    We lost a 1/2" drive Snap-on cordless impact on 4th lap around RM60. Its marked G&R. Please let us know if found. Thanks
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    Mike Williams has lost his fight with cancer... Godspeed, Mike

    Mike, its finally time for you relax and watch everyone else do some work for a change. Until we meet again, I will be missing you my friend.
  4. Uncle Yi

    Team Manger Mike Williams battles Cancer

    Mike is truely a great man and one of my best friends. I know he appericates all the prayers and support.
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    BITD, Race-Dezert.com and (IRC) International Racing Consultants Partner in 2011

    Re: Best in the Desert, Race-Dezert.com and (IRC) International Racing Consultants Pa Does this mean BITD going to be using IRC for scoring purposes like SCORE?
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    Long travel F-150 help

    I should have bought a Raptor. I have a 2010 F-150 FX4 4X4 extended cab that I want to put 35's under. I dont want to go with a normal lift and not gain any wheel travel. I plan on keeping all the origional sheetmetal (no fiberglass) because it is my daily driver. Does anyone know who makes a...
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    How did the Ford beam car compare to class 1100@ Parker?

    The motor ran great, a seal on the power steering pump sprung a leak.
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    What's everyone's favorite Baja/Desert Race?

    All of the mexico races are a blast, but I think the one I am most looking forward to again is the SNORE Caliente 250.
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    BITD - Class 1100's (Class 12)

    That is the dumbest quote of this entire thread! I thought the one about calling Ford and telling them that they (and their money) are unwelcome in the desert was dumb, but now the real reasons are coming out. How is it fair that a newcomer to the sport has to spend $12-$16k for a VW motor that...
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    San felipe score baja 250 who will be over all winner????????????????

    Best of luck to all but I think Ron Whitton is going to keep clear air the whole race.
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    Hello. my name is Uncle Yi