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  • Sorry I never got back to you about Parker. I hadn't been logging in to race dezert much. Hope all is well and we would love to have you at one of the races we go to. Not easy to predict what dad wants to race this year. So far we have done Parker, San Felipe and the 500. We are racing Primm this September and I am looking forward to that. I haven't been in the truck since Parker, my new husband has been co-driving. I got married this summer and didn't want to get hurt before the wedding. LOL!

    You racing anytime soon?

    I am back checking the site more often. The recent events have made me realize how much I love being a part of this sport and the off road family. I have committed to being a more active member.

    Anyway, I hope all is well with you! Take care!

    Emily Shapiro (the racer formally known as Staats LOL!)
    Hi Bob! I hope all is well with you! Long time no talk. I have a few questions about safety devises. Dad and I don't currenty use any decel or head and neck restraint, I am embarassed to say. We haven't been educated. Can you get me up to speed or can we come try one of yours?

    Emily Staats
    TT #42
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