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    Dual purpose potter car

    How would i know what size shocks to buy? Its a dual purpose car its going to probably weight 2600 lbs i want to go with 3 bypass kings and coil overs. What do i measure? How do i order?
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    Its been a nightmare. I got a roller in my garage. He still ows me some serious $ but at least i have something. I spoke to the guy that bought the 1/4 page ad on the magazine and he is out some 65k and i saw his car, i mean frame last week. We will probably be talking to the Orange DA pretty...
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    more problems in baja

    Wow thats straight out of a movie!!Unfortunately it keeps getting worst. You here on the radio all day long "come to Mexico the board of the secretary of tourism invites you" its more like "come to Mexico so our police officers can rob you". I am going to forward this story to the board of...
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    Well its been more than a month since last contact with Raymond. I have left several messages and not a call back. The car should have been delivered May 2006. The frame is powder coated, it has seats, brakes, radiator and thats pretty much it.I have retained an attorney. If i end up with the...
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    Exactly what is happening to me. Now iam alittle more worried specially since the real estate and loan market have crashed the orders for these cars will drasticly decrease.
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    Since you know Ray do you think i should really be worried that my car is over do a year and a half and its 90% paid for? I appreciate your feed back..
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    Has ayone had a car built by Raymond Potter (Potter Productions)? Do you know of anyone who has?
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    Hello everyone my name is Isa and i am glad to be part of your community. If anyone needs to refinance/purchase a house or commercial building give me a call. My friends and i go down to Baja for all the races and if anyone needs some pit help let us know we have rhinos,quads and 4wd trucks.