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  • are you up to do pit for the B500 with Mag7, we are always looking for good experienced peeps who want to join our club. hook up with pit captains and lend a hand and hopefully in the future run your own pit

    "Who got armor? What kind and where? What did I miss?"

    In the discussion about the shooting of the 14 year old by BP and across a national border, I suggested that BP management, having failed to adequately address these alleged rock throwing incidents, ought to provide shield for the agents instead of a bike and a hail of lead fired into another country. I thought maybe BP could use surplus Humvees.

    Also think our presence in Afghanistan has nothing in common with the Soviets', but imagine any and all old men would not have happy tales of any occupation - doesn't seem logical to think otherwise IMHO.

    And I still think it is BS for CA to entice base commanders to require smog tests since enlistees might just not have a choice of assignments. Thanks again for your service!
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