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    Rock Crawler Value

    My 2 cents: The problem with rock crawlers is that most of them cannot be financed. The explosion of sxs sales is due to the ease of financing them. I have seen plenty of people who were looking at a crawler and ended up with sxs due to the fact they could easily finance it. If you are like me...
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    Dakar Trucks

    4000 NM + 2950 lb.ft!
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    On Topic You hit a spectator, what happens next?

    That is what managing the adrenaline rush is about. Many who have raced in any way has to work very hard to control-it can get the best of you in a heart beat, and in this case have a major impact that never entered the driver's mind until it was in motion. I hope for the drivers sake he get...
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    Weight of 1994 Toyota Cab (single)?

    Any body here ever weigh just the cab?
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    What does your Bronco look like?

    Here is one that is nothing like the others! Belongs to a buddy of mine from the OC. Narrowed and boat ided on one tons and 43's.
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    Post a picture of the ugliest off road race car/truck.

    That is actually modeled afteraScorpion or is a modified one. A revolutionary rock crawler at the time it was built. The looks were loved or hated, nothing in between. It had a very interesting suspension design that was patented articulation equalization system) that used airbags. It actually...
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    ****Pretty Welds....****

    ZTFab, Is this push or drag? Looks awesome!
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    On Topic Need new Chop Saw

    Jancy Slugger or Dewalt- I currently have a Makita and I really wish I had bought another Jancy.
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    Mint 400 Crash - Race Vehicle 1035

    Perhaps the seats were mounted on tall/long tabs that deformed and allowed the movement? I only suggest as I have seen some seats mounted in this fashion before.
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    TDS Safari 2016 TRASH?!?!

    I keep hoping for the best! It's not that hard to party and bag the trash. You are right though, lots of lowlifes that don't show for the desert, they show for the party.
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    TDS Safari 2016 TRASH?!?!

    Same sh^& different year. People just do not get it. I was working on my truck in the notches on Saturday night and when I was done I picked up a full trasharoo full of cans & bottles (other peoples trash) from an area that was basically a 20' radius around my vehicle. I packed up my tools...
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    Post a picture of the ugliest off road race car/truck.

    Something wrong with me........I like the looks of that thing LOL
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    KOH 2016 who's going

    The f*&&%@ trash throwers kill it for everyone. Last year at TDS in Salton Sea I rolled through the Notches (Worm whatever they call it) at 3 in the morning after the party was over and it was unbelievable. The amount of trash left behind was Ridiculous. TDS had at least 30 volunteers out there...
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    CODYWILY Armada Engineering KOH 2016???

    I would like to see photos of that car if anyone has any
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    KOH 2016 Finishers

    For sure a great team effort. I hope they do it again next year. Wayne and all the team members deserve a kudos!