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    Doubt about LOORRS and LucasOilTV

    The ERX, Dirt City, and Bark River Live feeds have been awesome. The Crandon Spring race (Live feed) on Saturday if memory serves was pretty jacked up, I think Sunday was better but didn't get to see much. I would think Crandon would have this figured out and have the best presentation with...
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    Where are the results posted ?????????
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    Different Short course series

    Yes but wheel to wheel
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    Different Short course series

    Enduro courses are more old school Midwest cut through the woods with natural terrain/obstacles like creeks, washes etc. like a bike hare scramble.
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    Different Short course series

    MAORA (Mid America Off Road Racing Association) is based in Southern Illinois/Indiana. Check it out on Facebook or message me your email. There is a dated website www.maoraracing.us that has dated info on it but the pictures will give you an idea. Racing starts in June with 1 race/month through...
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    Short course racing north east

    I think that CLASS is offered at Rolling W Ranch
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    Short course racing north east

    What Class are you interested in racing ?
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    Chenowth Magnum

    I've seen several of these chassis here in the Midwest most are 1600 cars. I had one that had a Chenowth S/N tag on it. Basically a Magnum Torsion car, the picture you have that car was raced in the Midwest by the Norris Team based in Michigan. If memory serves they raced in NCPS/SODA Series the...
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    Dear Lucas

    It's a week prior to June Crandon, Gentleman !
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    On Topic Crandon Racers

    3rd Practice times were 1 second faster or lower.......
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    On Topic Crandon Racers

    He raced Lucas Wheatland had a nasty spill Saturday came back and put it on the Podium Sunday.
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    Canadian Short Course

    Where in Canada are you based ? There's a group in Ontario that has been racing for years...
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    Favorite Shortcourse buggies

    Trent, if memory serves your car was a Protech chassis that Taylor orchestrated. He had several versions of chassis he raced even more in the Limited classes.
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    I'm looking for the driver/crew chief set up not the mobile chase vehicle set up. I see 3 levels of packages on your site. What do get for the extra $$$$ ? I will need helmet/car harness/crew set up.
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