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    6100, TTspec, T2, Baja Truck only thread

    Both my trucks eat rotors as well, both trucks stop on a dime tho so can’t complain, took many years to get my ranger to stop on a dime. Jamar 6piston on both trucks up until recently, On my Spec truck we just recently up-dated the front suspension, went with ID Design, they also talked me into...
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    Isenhouer KOH2021 Video

    Yeah Buddy! good times!
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    Toyo Desert Challenge Presented by Monster at KOH 2021 - More classes and settling some grudge matches

    Cant wait to head up, Looks like the race gods will pull through for some awesome weather, See you guys in Hammer Town! 6194
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    Will There Be Any January Races???

    I just wanna go racing 😭
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    2020 BAJA 500

    SpecTT 294 is ready for action 🤙🏽 sooo hope this race happens!
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    KC HiLites Midnight Special

    Looking forward to racing the 6100 truck since B500 was canceled! See you guys up there [emoji1417]
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    [Race Update] 2020 SCORE Race Schedule Updates

    Our team was looking forward to running down south, but I totally understand SCORE's decision on making it a loop race. We'll still be there at the 1000 either way.
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    6100, TTspec, T2, Baja Truck only thread

    Yes correct, amazing truck, he has it working great too! I'm super happy with it.
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    6100, TTspec, T2, Baja Truck only thread

    It’s a Hall Designs chassis
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    6100, TTspec, T2, Baja Truck only thread

    I plan on running full SCORE series this year with the new truck, this thing is a major upgrade from the ol Ranger lol
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    The Camburg Kids first race

    Good stuff right there! Awesome to see the kids get behind the wheel!
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    2018 SCORE Baja 1000 route

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    2018 SCORE Baja 1000 route

    The 5 down to the 1 is passable! Side roads have already been cut in, my dad just got back on Sunday. He drove down the 5 and found that damage starts around puertecitos and continues off and on down to the 1, he was in a 2wd 4runner an had to air down to make it, took about 2 extra hrs then...