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    here’s a lap from our class 10 at rage in 2018
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    Class 10 only

    Here’s a question for you fellow class 10 racers. We run the king jack on our car but the thing is heavy and a pain when it comes to the difference between front and rear flats having to readjust the jack. How many of you run the king jack and how many run just a floor jack? Those who run the...
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    Why aren't there more mid-engine buggies/open-wheel cars?

    Still one of the baddest 10 cars out there.
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    V2R Big Teams Missing

    After sitting at work all day watching the tracker I noticed that there were some big team names missing from the trick truck class. Where were the Mcmillins, Sourpas, and BJ? Those were the ones off the top of my head I noticed missing from the racing action, Im sure there were more but just...
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    BITD Casey Folks Vegas to Reno 2019

    Facebook reported he pulled over because the fans weren't working
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    Can dying classes be revived?

    This may be a different side of it to look at but for us we started in Vorra and Snore in 1600. My first 2 years racing was in Vorra against 3 other 1600's. We then still raced vorra and snore but when we went to snore there were 25 cars constantly which was a nice change of pace until about 6...
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    Mint 400 Class 10's

    I did not race the mint this year but have in previous and its the same as before. Class 10 is in my mind the 3rd/4th fastest class out there for the weekend yet we keep being treated like a red headed step child. Why did the class 10's have to race the Sunday morning race with a Grand Prix...
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    Pistol OK?

    After the first race they actually finished building the truck. My dad and Pete go way back and when this truck came around he was given a sponsorship and had to run certain races so the night before the trucks first race Pete and the Gieser Brothers were in Petes garage eyeballing where to weld...
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    Look Trailers

    36' Haulmark Enclosed Trailer Were selling our 35 foot trailer. It has hauled the class 10 car and our class 1 prerunner. Trying to downsize on the trailers for now which is why were selling it.
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    Best class 10 car make??

    Im gonna vouch for ES Motorsports as well we have one of their older class 10 mid engines and a 3 seat class 1 from Eric and dealing with Eric is easy. He always answers his phone whenever questions arise. Their builds and attention to detail are by far the best in my opinion. Our mid engine ES...
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    **2018 Best In The Desert Photos****

    Any of 1033?
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    CLASS 10

    Class 10 is the new 1600 in my opinion but it has been one of the most fun cars I have ever driven.
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    Laughlin Desert Challenge @@ PHOTOS @@

    Any of 1033
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    Class 10 Question

    Not ignoring the dyno comparison at all if those are actual numbers of an even comparison for the 2.4 vs 2.5 then ill eat crow on that. But fact of the matter is that those motors while not in production by GM anymore there are plenty of them that you can buy. There's a chevy dealer here in...
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    Class 10 Question

    If the 2.5 is allowed it will in my opinion will ruin class 10. The entries are good and the class is thriving. For us to we would rather sell our car and move to another class then keep riding the merry-go-round of whats next. From factory specs the 2.5 liter has 200 hp and 191 ft lbs of torque...