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    Testing this weekend?

    You definitely went testing for a good reason.
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    NORRA Mexican 1000 Hotels List !

    This list will be great to print and put in you chase book for the return trip home.
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    Coronavirus? What Events Next..

    Eliseo This must have been a very difficult decision, I hate that we are in this situation but do think it is the right decision for everyone. Thanks
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    Coronavirus? What Events Next..

    Well said... Its not a matter of if its bad or not. The reality is what we are seeing and living. Hell I was just on the 405 freeway in OC doing 80 MPH and could have driven as fast as I wanted. Up to Sunday I was still very exited about April 19, since then reality has set in. I think I...
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    Coronavirus? What Events Next..

    Doing a little search on the old interweb and I can't find anything conclusive or any facts from informed folks that warmer temperatures will slow or stop this virus. Also, after looking up a few areas that have warmer climates and their daily temps, it doesn’t seem to have slowed their numbers...
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    Arrogance at the top?

    You might want to bring your own chair.
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    Baja Advice

    I've crossed many times with 15 to 25 gallons in my 105 gallon aux. tank and never been questioned. (I wouldn't try it full) If going all the way down the peninsula I top everything of in Villa Jesus Maria I understand that's the last ULSD. We've never had a problem with any of the diesel.
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    2020 Norra Mexican 1000 Day 2 Changes ???

    I also like this option. I have often thought of what could be done to reward and encourage others to bring Vintage vehicles. It would be great to see vintage entries continue to grow.
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    2020 Norra Mexican 1000 Day 2 Changes ???

    This was our 6th NORRA, the first 5 I was driver of record, this year I was unable to sign up on the first day due to working remotely (out of cell or any other service). My buddy who in the past always signed up as a co-driver signed as the driver of record to be able to get the ever so sought...
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    I thought at the drivers meeting it was said that if the P2P was initiated x amount of times within a given amount of time a penalty would be issued to the driver . I was just looking at penalty's and don't see any for people not getting out of the way when the P2P was hit. I followed a UTV for...
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    We were behind 2 young men and 1 young lady who had surfboards in the back of the truck. The soldiers performed the most thorough inspection I have ever seen. We pulled up expecting something similar, the soldier asked if we raced NORRA, where we were coming from and where we were going. When I...
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    Chenowth DR2 #97 NORRA Mexican 1000 Race Report

    Kevin it was great getting to know you and your team. Great group of guys who never gave up and had the best attitudes even with your set backs during the first few days. I have to tell you your dad is a great man, made me realize you never stop worrying about your children even when they are...
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    Eliseo Great race your team does an outstanding job. I have to agree with TravisD although I'm not sure what the answer is either. Start the cars back in starting order or add more time to the start intervals 45/60 seconds. If in fact cars get moved in when they miss there start maybe just make...
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    What about starting everyone 1 minute apart, 30 seconds is not a lot of time between mixed classes of cars . The time added to start everyone doesn't seem like a deal breaker. Its my understanding that when cars miss their start time they get mixed into the start line shortening the gap between...
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    NORRA QUESTIONS ? Feel Free to Ask Here !!

    Thanks Elisio it came in the mail today.