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  • BJ says: ...non profit/ board to run the organization like snore has been doing for years

    Way back when, it was started up with some assistance.

    A club as you say.

    What would be the buy in to be on the board?

    Or limited partners that buy in, just like we used to do with the memberships.

    Bj, whats up man we missed you at the strung out show. It was bad ass.
    Anyway talk to you later

    Derek (red dragons)

    I'm moving to Mexicali in February to see if I can join a desert racing team. I'm trying to find a PR and maketing position. I want to work in logistics or team marketing.

    Let me know if there's any team's that are looking for a PR pro.


    What are you up to man? You should come down to Chico for some parties. Are you going to the Baja 1000 this year? I'm going again with some friends, but I need a prerunner badly.

    I am guessing your friends with Mike Koeing. If you are, tell him I said, "What up Mike?"


    They're like-new 7-leaf Deaver F31's made for Rangers of mid 80's to mid 90's. They measure 51 inches from eye to eye sitting on the ground. I had them on my 4x4 caged ranger for a thousand miles (on pavement) and they just weren't enough spring. If you can use them, as one divorced Locos Mocos guy to another, they're yours free if you want to come pick them up here in Mill Valley. Or I can haul them out to the next race/Locos Mocos trip. If all goes well, I'll be out for the Yerington Race.

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