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    C4 transmission help wont go forward in ground

    is it a culhane flexplate for sure when i built my 7s i got a flex plate that was supposed to be but wasn't and it was wrong when i put the truck on the ground and drove it the bad flex plate pulled the torque converter out of the front pump so make sure the flexplate is correct.mine is a TCS...
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    Wet f150!!

    actually that is a common occurrence on 5.4's its prolly just moisture in the plug boot you can just pull the coil pack off the plug and dry it out, unfortunately it probably wont fix itself. check the connection to the coil as well make sure it is dry.
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    Scout II Help

    i know i'm a little late here and i can see your in vegas but there is a guy in la habra ,ca and he knows his stuff about corn binders he's helped me out his name is Chris and his company name is rock tech i dont have his # but google it
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    f250 rides pretty rough

    Welcome to the club, i doubt the kit had anything to do with it! you might just have to much air in the tires? what size tires? try letting some air out. i have 35 x 17 on my '09 w 40 psi it actually rides better than when i had the stock 20's on it
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    Transmission internal C4/6 turbo 400 help

    jerry;s trans in norwalk built my c-4 has connection to Culhane and TCS has all best parts pretty bullet proof if maintained, only one failure input shaft i recommend 300M also available from Ryan @ TCS
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    BITD, and (IRC) International Racing Consultants Partner in 2011

    That's cool are we going to be able to here the radio feed also from BITD? Good job boys!
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    Fuel Safe. Pickup lines that work.

    I disagree I had the same issue with the stock pick-up I used very light flex aluminum tube no issues in 4 years and ditched the foam no contamination problem! I do agree on placement of pick-ups though
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    Fuel Safe. Pickup lines that work.

    i use the kar tek ones i think they are hella
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    Fuel Safe. Pickup lines that work.

    I just used 1/2 in aluminum tubing added a pick up 2filters 2 pumps no problems!
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    Hey guys we'll be there i dont know if we'll be able to bring the truck though
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    California 200 Fast-Aid Fundraiser-Whittier, Ca.

    Wow! It was a great turn out last night! Thank you everyone for making it a great success! Raised a lot of money! Huge thanks to all of the sponsors!!!
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    California 200 Fast-Aid Fundraiser-Whittier, Ca.

    bump come on people this is going to be fun and for a good cause lots of cool raffle prizes, good food free to the first 200 people.100% of all donations going to Fast-Aid! so if you live in north Orange County or San Gabriel valley or So.LA County be there!
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    California 200 Fast-Aid Fundraiser-Whittier, Ca.

    California 200 Fundraiser On Saturday August 14, 2010 eight people lost their lives and another dozen were injured. This was the result of an accident that occurred during the MDR California 200 off-road race which was held in Lucerne, CA. Desolate Motorsports feels the grief along with the...