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  • Hello Wayne. Luke here. I live in Australia and would be absolutely interested in one of your 650r starter kits. Please keep me posted on lukefenech@hotmail.com Kind regards and Good work!! Luke
    Hello Sir,

    I read in a post from this past January that you were working on an electric starter for the Honda XR650R. Have you made any porogress on this? I'd be very interested in buying one from you if they're ready.

    Hi Jim, sorry i'm still working on the kit and will post updates when possible. Please keep in touch. Thanks!
    Good job in Parker! Way to kick some ass! I am knee deep building this Pro-Lite but the first event just got moved back to June. Awesome!
    Hey wayne, all is good here. Sorry Wayne we have been out of town during the holidays and just seen this message. Talked to Brian Day he said your going to Parker for the pre-run, I don't think we are going to make the pre-run but we are going to be at the race. If you need pit space or anything please don't hesitate to call or just call anyway and lets get together. Be will be at the race on thursday.

    See ya,
    will you be racing with cory keysar again in his class 10??? didn't you drive with him at the bilek 300?
    Wayne, give me a call...my cell phone melted and I don't have your number. My number is 303.949.8288
    Hey wayne it looks like you won! Congrats! Iv'e been watching from home and the guys all went to this race. It was very exciting from my computer. We were on our 2nd lap and a hose melted and lost all raditor fluid and burned motor up.
    See ya at the next one.
    Sorry Wayne, I didn't have my phone until late yesterday. I had something come up. We'll have to plan on finishing it here soon. I'll call you tomorrow. Thanks, Lance
    Hey Steve working hard truck isn't even clean from the henderson race ineed to give you a call. talk to you soon.

    Hey Wayne. Steve Brown here in Grand Junction Colorado. Noticed you were online and wanted to say hi. I also added you to my buddy list. I'll try and keep up with you.
    Steve Brown
    #1021 car
    Ok here's my grey questions,

    * Where is the front 12" travel measured at the wheel surface of the hub, at the spindle, at the shock, ect?
    * Do we have to use the oem spindle upright or can we fab the complete upright and spindle, can the spindle be a bolt on piece to the upright?
    * If we use fabricated I beams and A arms will a oem stock one fit in the same mounts or should that be possible?
    * Radius arm mounts must meet oem crossmember, there is a number of differant crossmembers that Ford used with differant measuments can we have all of them measurements to go buy?
    * What is the currant leaf spring length I belive it is 57.5" Ford ranger length or is there a longer one?
    * Can we have maybe a track width rule, when you change wheels or hubs or even spindles you can change track width, measured at outside of tire to outside of tire at spindle hight to a tune of many inches is there a place for this?

    This is Great that maybe some of the grey areas can by defined, these are just some of the questions I asked and never got them answered. Jump in guys and tell me what you think.
    Have looked at the draft for the reword on MM forum? Please give your input.

    Dave Blakely
    Very good Wayne glad to have you up to speed the happenings. I know you have a bunch of threads to read to findout all that has been said. Did you vote in the POLL?
    Dave one other thing to let you know I do have a problem with knowing all this forum stuff i'm not very computer smart so I try my best. Thanks
    Dave sorry you missed us at Henderson but my truck is I belive the most legal in the rules, our truck we are still running stock steel bed sides and our ft beams are at 12"s and stock spindle uprights with a stock 4.0 with headers and all our problems lately is due to our co drivers lack of racing expeince and he continued to break the truck after I get out have way through the races. Thanks I will keep a eye open.
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