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  • Wayne:

    Do you know of a map that shows lands open to OHV's from 40 or 50 years ago? California or the West? Maybe that would be an effective graphic to grab peoples' attention. When I think of where I could ride in 1970... and still being jealous of the Apple Valley High kids that could ride their dirt bikes to school...

    It is really sad how few have fought the land use war and how few appreciate those few.

    Thanks for all your hard work!
    Nic's rant did raise another issue in my mind. I've noted over the past several years that more and more land managers are requiring street legal vehicles. Do you think that is in reaction to some federal edict, environmental concerns, or in reaction to tort lawyers? Here, in AZ, where it's easy to license dirtbikes, quads and side-by's, liability is a requirement for registration, but in Cal, it effectively closes a lot of routes to younger riders, and many OHV's. Waddya think?
    The D-37 Honda clown has the kind of attitude that burnt me out after dealing with too many of his ilk. What a maroon! But please don't let 'em get you down, Wayne.
    Troy, that is good news, That is why I stay away from "Letter genorators" and send stuff personalized..... Wayne
    The 6,000 letters sent by the CBD to stop VtR were counted as 1, because they were identical !!!
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