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    2020 Curt LeDuc Swap Meet

    Baja LVR PM me I most likely have what you are looking for
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    PM me I have 4 new pure race King 16" bypass

    PM me I have 4 new pure race King 16" bypass
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    Pro Truck and Jeepspeed

    About a year ago I was in the parts department at Toyota of Escondido their Protruck was sitting in the show room.
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    GGTR seeking NORRA car to buy or rent.

    Email Class 8 1976 baja 1000 winner restored ready to go.
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    New BITD Freq. Why?

    I believe before Los Campeone's that radio Freq. belonged the Bob Blanks. Look on the side of the photo of TRAVISD dads car " Broadcast System Group Inc. " Bob set up all our radios even before the pit club was started. He used his own freq.. for Andy Felix, Terry DuTemple, Dave Hutchins...
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    Looking for 15 x 7, 5 on 5.5 wheels

    Mark, Try these Ultra Wheel 062-578K 15X7 5X5.5 Back Space 3.68" 12 hole centerline look alike.
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    ***NEW*** NORRA rules posted!

    I'm a little confused. If the rules are going to be changed for tire size, but not for shocks or anything else who and when is going to make that call?
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    AMC Pacer - technical information

    John's gremlin is the same one Andy had. We ended up cutting it apart to use most of the parts on the Yellow AMC Hornet. The Hornet is still around some where they raced it at NORRA a few years back.
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    The Real Class 6.....Cars!

    That must not be the same Gremlin. John,s was always painted dark blue with E&L Welding Supply on the side.
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    The Real Class 6.....Cars!

    Take a look on trackside photo 1978 Bajainternational, Sedans page 2 Car 616. I think the last race we did in the Gremlin was the 79 or 80 Parker 400. The front A arms kept breaking in osborne wash. It was a long cold nite. We finish on a trailer heading back to Parker.
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    1976 Baja 1000 Class 8 Winner

    Thanks Rory for posting the pics of my truck. Here are a few of the running gear, cab and bed area.
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    Dodge truck

    The truck was sitting at Hunter Dodge in Lancaster, CA mid 80's for a promotional visit I got a really good look at the front suspension. Post a close up photo of the driver side top & botton A arm and header area so I can take a look.
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    Return to the "wall"

    Check this out hitting the wall in 06. My partner was driving with a guy who had never been in a off road car before. He was going to ride the hold race but got out after the second lap. So much for his bucket list.
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    Who's racing the 2014 NORRA Mexican 1000?

    Getting closer all the time. I see know reason that we will not make it this year. We will be painting the body this week and placing it on the framing for the last time I hope. Here's a few up date photo's. Your car really looks good Rory.
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    1976 Baja 1000 Class 8 Winner

    This truck was rescued in Arizona by Todd Z. and Andrew Norton of Baja Bronco. Both of them being fellow NORRA racers and Baja Stroppe Bronco experts. As the pictures show it was in pretty bad shape. I had just finish restoring a 1975 Stroppe Bronco and was looking for a new adventure, so it...