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  • Bob, should I construe that since you have not commented further on the idea for a radio based system that it is without merit, or seemingly too expensive? I am not a radio engineer, though I did get a broadcast endorsement on my 3rd class FCC license, since lapsed, as it was a requirement for my radio job in MO, so I have to defer to those with more knowledge.

    Another issue such an idea might present, is that when a bike/atv were up high, that milli-watt transmitter might interfere with your communications. My guy says no, what do you think?

    Glad to see you seem to have recovered well. Must be the Parker, as opposed to Long Beach, lifestyle! Thanks!
    hey bob wanted to say hi glad you are doing great its cold here -17 yesterday hope to see you soon.

    wayne demonja
    Steve Poole here.... and 7 others will be at your wedding. Congrats.... hope you still have the "turbo blue" flask.
    I saw it was your birthday today Bob.

    Happy birthday. You are a good man.

    Steve Kuehl
    Superman Racing
    (Dave Simpson/Dave Lewis)
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