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    San Felipe's starving poor

    I really thought this should be a sticky so I will give it a bump. We, (Race Dezert), have the means to help San Felipe's poor, however, it's going to take a giant effort on our part to alleviate the current situation. I tried to get this on the SCORE Web Site , however, it hasn't appeared...
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    San Felipe's starving poor

    Klaus Maybe this is important enough for a sticky? I was able to contact Roger, who will add it to Scores Website.
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    San Felipe's starving poor

    Rice,canned foods, non perishables. Include flour, cornmeal, coffee, pancake mix, in other words 'non perishables'.
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    San Felipe's starving poor

    Check out my after post #8.
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    San Felipe's starving poor

    There is a lock box storage at km182. They have given us a secure site for the food drop off. It is a tan building on the right side of the highway just before the play azul restaurant. Remember it's for non-perishable foods.
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    San Felipe's starving poor

    Received a text today from James and Connie Coats , who live in SF and are valued members of the Weatherman Radio Relay Team. They wrote about the food bank being bare and the need for non perishable foods. Pre runners, race teams and spectators let's put together an effort to help the...
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    Entry List for the 425.

    No there down to two drivers! It's a family thing and the drivers of the 37 and the 6183 are on probation in regards to their probation period as new fire fighters with Newport Beach and the Burbank fire departments. Youtheory is alive and well and a major contributor to our sport. Just watch...
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    Baja 4000

    I OPENED THE WRONG PILL BOX AND TOOK A DUMB PILL. Now please tell me what is the Baja 4000 rally?
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    please say a prayer, or whatever you do.....for casey folks

    My wife Sharlene and I also pray for a speedy recovery, however, it's business as usual. The pre run and the 425 are going on as planned and that's exactly the way Casey and Diane would want it to happen. Casey has a really good organization in place and everything will happen with the...
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    How many off road miles have you logged in?

    I'll just say for the Baja 2000 I never left the aircraft! That was like 80 hours! You do the rest of the math.....................
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    How many off road miles have you logged in?

    I did give Scott the joke of the day, however, he just read it! It just didn't have the real Weatherman spin and I have since given Scott sage advice for the future of the 'joke of the day'. Just in case I can't continue with the relay. I don't for see this as happening very soon as...
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    How many off road miles have you logged in?

    My 65 scout had over 600 thousand miles logged, some of them not mine. That was predator hunting over the western states and doing the Weatherman Relay. Alas, I lost it in my toy barn fire and all I have are the memories which are plenty. It would be great if you keyboard artists could show...
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    Parker 250 UTV Winter Nationals

    Maybe not the original, however, the survivor and certainly the best! I GUARANTEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
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    SCORE has a brand new tracking system!

    Roger said he had 10 units in test mode at the last race and they worked awesome. Finally something to look forward to. If it does all the functions that Darren wrote, it will be the ultimate tracking device!
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    You're best Baja Bob Gordon story.....

    At a Primm 300 Race, I don't remember the year, Bob came to the trailer with his antenna that was missing the ball on the tip. Bob thought the ball was how the antenna dissipated the signal. Scott told him the ball was to keep from someone poking their eye out and added that the balls were...