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    Rate your welding helmet

    i have had a miller big window auto darkening fo 4 years now. I like it hasen't broken. A little pricy though
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    What to look sfor in a mig welder?

    at work we use a millermatic 251. It works great. we do strucual steel work. I have personally welded 3/4" steel with it, but had to bevel all edges
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    Which bike for desert racing ?

    Go with a four-stroke. The power band is much longer and easier to use.A cfr 450r is a good choice for racing, but the x-model might be better for more casuac riding
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    horizontal band saw vs. chop saw

    go with a band saw much cleaner cuts
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    tig or mig

    i would tig weld were ever i could. The weld looks nicer than a mig bead. if tig welding watch for heat distortion because of the slower travel speed than mig.
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    Harbor freight welder gas or no?

    You can run straight Co2 al well, but stay away from straight argon for mig welding.
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    Clarke Welders?

    at the fab shop i work at we use miller sycrowaves, th e250's and 350's. both have pulse and work really well. we mainly work with stainless and aluminum. I would go wit miller hands down.
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    Clarke Welders?

    i would go with miller. thats what we us ing shop. if duing tig aluminum get a thermal arc they have a nice pulse feature
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    Watch the progress of a Camburg 2006 F-150 build!

    the truck looks asome
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    Advice on a kid learning to weld?

    You should try to find some sort of schooling or courses. There is a lot more to wleding than most think.
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    Proper welding of 4130

    Most BMx frames have heat treated head tubes and bottom brackets. Heat treating can only better a product if iis usedto make it stronger.
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    Proper welding of 4130

    I belive you shoulddosomesort of heat treatment. By heat treating the metal gains toughness,hardness, and resistance to shock.
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    Thanks Ron_Burgandy, and Partybarge_pilot, for the support. I am asking these qustions so that I can do it right the first time.
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    Thanks for the info guys. How long should the upper and lower arms be?
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    What thickness material should i use? I was thinking 1/8" or 3/16"