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    Mammoth Lakes Racing Team

    I was wondering if there was any teams in the Mammoth Lakes area that need extra help with prepping or pitting for races. i recently moved here from San Diego and looking to help some poeple out. thanks
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    Laughlin Desert Challenge Video

    slightly stoopid - closer to the sun
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    Henderson Coverage

    good luck to sean backus and his brother brett debuting his new mason 7200 for western motorsports
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    7200 v2r

    hey i am wondering if there were any problem with the mason trucks on your first time out? we only have 1 day of testing before this race cause we are just finishing our truck and trying to kill 100 birds with 1 stone! anything would be a great help to our knowledge with our truck trying to...
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    Class 10 at V2R

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    7200 v2r

    backus hopefully do well for his debut in 7200 in is new mason truck
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    class 6 vs class 7

    class 7 must be a v6 4.5 liter or less, full frame class 6 can be tube frame must be a v6
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    RG cheatin again????

    exactly if he is cheating why isnt he higher in points?
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    RG cheatin again????

    Robby may cheat in nascar but he still always gets last..... i dont get it
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    Any 1600's up for the cup

    i wish we were still racing our 1600 this race is super fun in a 16 car....
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    Mint 400 class 7

    how did the new bms 7200 do?
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    Roll call for class 6 at san felipe

    we will hopefully be down there as soon as our Truck is finished being built
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    The dash 2008

    hey hope everyone has a great time this year and be as safe as possible! where is the parties after the race!?! i will need a beer or 20
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    The dash 2008

    weather says clear for 5 days before the race.... i dont know how quick it dries out
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    Mikes Baja Cup Pix