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  • Sir, I blame you for the way my head felt Sunday morning as I drove back to San Antonio. Also, I have your glass... it is empty. If you ever want to see it intact again, come to the race this weekend and await further instructions. Oh, and I will bring something to fill it with.
    Grayson, I have your 18mm socket. I'm so sorry we walked off with that. I was cleaning out the tool bag last night and found it. What's your adddress?
    Car's done but got a few things to tweak after the last race: raise seats, softer front coils, fix oil leak. I'll post some new pics.
    hello. how are you. i'm invited you to race in juarez. 20,21 june 150 milles
    more info please send me a e mail. nahum_pallares@hotmail.com
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