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    Ranger C-clip Eliminator

    This is for my 94 4x Ranger. Any prerunners/desert racers use this mod? C-clip Eliminator, Made Easy - Page 6 - Ford Explorer and Ranger Forums "Serious Explorations"® Looks like it works fine for trails but not sure about using this in the desert. With my 4.5"+ beams, seems like you would...
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    Ranger/Bronco Front Axles

    1994 Ranger 4x4. I need to replace my right front axle. Front diff is a Dana 35. My TTB beams are 4.5" wider each side. Does that mean these axles are from a full sized Bronco of the same year? Headed to the junk yard... The boot end of the right axle has been cut off. Issue: on the 4x4, where...
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    Craigslist Ad

    Just doing some fact checking.
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    Craigslist Ad

    Anyone know who built this truck or its history?
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    Jefferies Dakar Buggies

    Wonder if they've had any trouble with the spares draggin/hanging up on rocks...
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    my 5U build

    Would really recommend putting that rear outer pivot bolt in double shear...
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    Baja 1000 Checkpoint Closures

    My mistake. Didn't realize you were needing times.
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    Baja 1000 Checkpoint Closures

    RDC site won't allow an upload. The check points are in the Google Earth file. Download from SCORE site.
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    Baja 1000 Checkpoint Closures

    According to the SCORE Google Earth file:
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    New Racer Engineering 12 car

    IMO: This kind of design exposes the beam ends in a bad way. I've seen 2 instances (1 mine :() where the beam was bent back after hard contact (rollover, tree, rock). The front skid needs to be dropped and extended out to the beam ends. Clean car though. Very nice. G.
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    Shock tuning 12 car

    Depends on driver preference, ride height, terrain, etc. 3/4 of the way through the travel (from droop) is probably average.
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    EDR Texas 400 live race updates

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    Offroad racing in texas

    EDR/BRT Issues The internet is THE WORST place to communicate about issues like this. Anyone that has questions needs to pick up the d_mn phone and call. Please pass this along to people you come in contact with. People can seem harsh online but I promise if you call, they would be glad to...
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    RDC // BRT Blackwell 250 Photos

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    TEXAS EDR Texana 225 March 5th 2011

    Hope everyone makes it home safely. I never take enough pics but I did manage to snap this one.