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  • Thanks for the rep, those fackers probably do more than kiss each other after each stage win! LOL!!
    Its all good. I agree that off road on the main stage is nothing but a red headed step child and I cannot understand why. Dave himself is not really an off roader but he was for a long time racing in AMA. I think maybe flat track but I cannot be sure about that.
    You would be wrong.
    Who do you think is commentating on this ESPN Broadcast of this mid-90s SCORE Primm Race.

    Back then just like it is now, it is Despains job to know much about everything in motorsports stretching back for nearly 30 years.
    His knowledge and commentary on the subject speaks for itself. Just nowadays most does not get talked about on his shows due to all these kooks blowing NASCAR Balls.
    Yes however, If you think anyone is lining their pockets putting on these race than I would say you are about as smart as SpeedFun.
    Haha!! I didn't see yours till now either! Can't wait to come down and check out some racing! I'm gearing up to hit a couple of VORRA desert races this year with my pre-runner racing in Group T. I like short course but my heart will always be in the desert, maybe once the desert truck is dialed in I might have to work on another SC truck.
    Sorry didn't see your message till tonight!! Oops! Still no snow, damn cold though... How's the race series organization going?
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