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  • Hey, I can't reply to you because the forum is telling me your message box is too full so I'm trying this Comment feature!
    By the looks of your build looks like your at a keyboard way to much. Plus you have over 1700 posts! It's called a hard time Wicked. I do it to pete all the time. I just did it to you. Why are you being like all the rest of the fools on RDC who got to talk crap. By the way IMHO Pete and Cam are two of the best drivers and hardest workers out there. Also it was just a fact Honda will win the 1000. I'm also a BIG Bruce O fan so that one was for him. Thanks see ya at the thousand. I'll be at the DA pit in Loreto stop by!Oh ya your not that out of shape.
    Howdy Doug,
    Wanted to see if you were gunna be at Primm? We will be posted up with that Donkey Pete, so come by and say hello cause you've met everyone in our family but me. Oh yes, you were practically pan-handling for REP point a last month.................

    Re: Sierra Club comments @ Cali 200
    Nimrod.... I need some rep for my last post.... someone here REP ME..... DO IT!

    So I relented and gave you some.............where are mine??????

    See ya at Primm Brother!
    Hey how much would it cost for you to take some video and pictures at the October race in parker? What kind of packages and deals do you have need to know asap thanks.
    Hey Doug, did both Pete's BJlite and Wes's 2009 Ford stock both get SCORE tagged yet?
    Hey Doug,

    I know its a LONG shot but do you need any cover shots for your next DVD? I have been looking to expand my company and work for a few teams, and I was just wondering if you were looking for any specific shots I could try to get.

    I tried to send you a PM but your inbox is full.

    Thank you for your time.
    Hey Doug, I just wanted to let you know we got the new intercom for our truck so we can wire the sound into the camera. I hope to get it back in time to do what ever wiring I need to do. I am assuming you are going to Parker with it!?! Have fun!
    the race car is leaving new mexico tuesday, were not staying at the villa this time estero beach for us this time around. i am not possitive if andy and ryan are going i think so but im not 100% sure
    Doug, where the in car video from pistol going off the line in baja. The one that is all dust and he hauls ass threw it? I wanna show it to some ricer dudes who think they know what racing is...
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