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  • Hey everyone im moving to texas just outside of houston town called spring just bought a new house and im trying to get a trip or a race together so i can say goodbye hit me up with any news my number is 619 666 6747
    Hey Dude-what's up with you and Tasha? I thought you guys were just friends...?? Maybe I missed something. It's the desert... there is enough dirt for everyone to get along out there :D If you really think it would be a bad idea then I understand-you'll be missed dude! Have a safe and fun weekend!! :)
    i get that one alot and were did ya see me ehh haha who cares ima turn in to you if i see ya driving

    and dont you mean breakfast were do ya get food at 4am :eek:
    Yea, I am missing the fun. I might also be missing some trouble also? School is keeping me busy while learning a thing or two... Are you getting along well during these times, try to save some money it might get worst in the next year or few; lets hope not though!
    yeah i'm planning on going if the group goes again but i'm going to post a proposition for everybody that is going to camp with the group. I was going to see if everybody would chip in on a keg instead of everybody bring their own beer. going to post in the ow thread
    we will be working our arses off checkng over my truck and finishing up the race truck.. we work pretty much every saturday on the trucks. It would be sweet to get some help on them if you ever get the chance, and you can check out the exploder at the same time..
    hey you finally uploaded an avitar!!! 7 days left!!! :) 8 hours from now we'll be in our way to the dezert for a fun filled weekend!!! Woo Hoo!! :) A large group is going it's going to be GREAT!!! :D
    ha ah I think we all have those friends... hopefully my flaky friends will show up too... even if they don't my other on time friends will be there :p Woo hoo hey guess what... by the time you get this is it will be only... 8 more days!!!!
    ha ha-man you are making my anticipation grow too!!! MOre than normal!! :D LOL It's going ot be a blast!! My friends confirmed they are heading out from Temecula on Friday around 4... we might pick up another friend of mine in Vista on the way out... not confirmed yet but hey the more the merrier :) We should have about 8-10 of my friends and then another 5-6 RDC peeps camping with us :D It's going ot be AWESOME!! Bring a camera :D LOL I'm going to see if I can get off work a little early on Friday so maybe I can be at my house by 5... I'll have to play it by ear though :D
    ha ha that's totally how life works out... anticipation is a biotch!! OW will be fun I think I have one other person riding out with us that lives up here :)
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