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    Happy 5/1600 Day!

    2008 Primm 300 2012 Baja 1000 SNORE SoCal 250
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    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    Bahia Santa Maria Sunset Sal congratulating us on winning Class 5-1600 at the 2012 Baja 1000
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    Emergency Brake--Useful? Dangerous without?

    We've used line locks in our 5/1600 in the past and have stopped doing so - we've had several fail so that we could not release the lock without disassembly. They all were found to have swollen "O" rings after less than a year while using the recommended brake fluid.
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    Happy 5/16

    2011 SoCal 250
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    Post your old race photos!

    Gonzo Racing's first race - the 2008 SCORE San Felipe 250 2008 SCORE San Felipe 250 2008 SCORE Primm 300 2008 SCORE Primm 300
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    Aerodynamics in off road racing

    It's been a few years since my "rocket scientist" days but I believe that you are referring to calculated predictions rather than empirical data..... Predicting performance via a software package may be convenient but the results will only be as good as the test article modeling, the...
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    Aerodynamics in off road racing

    Yes, I agree that winning is the goal. A technological "arms race" almost always ensues in pursuit of that goal - generally only limited either by a rule set or the money available to throw at a given problem. Early in the "arms race", improvements usually come fast and cheap (bypass shocks...
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    Aerodynamics in off road racing

    Exactly. Down force is used in other forms of racing to increase traction for cornering issues (and for other issues as well); those types of racing generally utilize smooth, prepared surfaces - is down force necessary or even helpful to us in desert racing? My personal belief is that down...
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    Aerodynamics in off road racing

    That 100 gallons of fuel provides about 600 pounds of down force when the car is on the ground at "1 g" but none when the car is airborne at "0 g"; it doesn't provide any down force at all when you might need it the most. Additionally, unless you plan on not burning that fuel, the down force it...
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    Question- Transaxle - CV's - Shifting Issue?

    If the CV's were clicking (binding) at 18 deg. and you ran them at 22 deg., they may well be damaged and grinding themselves into dust at this point. Take them apart and have a look; you'd have to remove them anyway to get the trans. out, so just go ahead and disassemble them before you look...
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    Electric power steering on a 5/1600??

    reare head notching looks great, nicely done! Everyone at McKenzie's has been really helpful for us over the years, Steve in particular. Can't go wrong there in my opinion. Running with the Negrete's at the '500 is a great opportunity to learn about 5/1600 racing. If they don't know it, it's...
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    Electric power steering on a 5/1600??

    Looks good ! That looks like the same rack we use - SACO Magnum? You're allowed to clearance the frame head up to 1" for the tie rods to clear...... That allows you to lower the rack to get the inner tie rods closer to their "sweet spot". Some racers have clearanced way beyond what's...
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    Electric power steering on a 5/1600??

    Haven't seen a 5/1600 with electric power steering - most use a Char-Lynn with a center steer rack of some sort. It works, is simple, reduces/eliminates all the negative "feedback" to the steering wheel and takes very little HP. The down sides are that there is little to no "feel", it's hard...
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    Matomi wash SF 250

    Here's another view during the 2010 SF 250: Thanks to Cactus Video! They seemed to be there every time we made a mistake.....
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    Matomi wash SF 250

    the 2010 SF250: