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    Trophy Tank?....

    I can barley spell "tank" let alone comment on how one would hold up in a race. Do I want one? Absolutely! Would I want to see them at the track? Absolutely! Let the after market world and backyard, garage fabbers get there hands around them for a few years and I'm sure the way we look and...
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    Check out this Awesome VW Bus!!!

    Amazing design and metal work! Too bad its a short wheel base with a death trap motor. Makes a good garage trophy thou.
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    F'n Awesome!

    Next time my staff says the word "can't" I'm showing them this then firing them. Very impressive! Especially with time frame and condition.
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    For those who miss the hummer

    Looks like a whole new front end on it!
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    Kurt Busch suspended indefinitely

    Regan Smith for sure. SHR new this was eventually going to happen. Im just surprised Nascar acted this fast. Reading the reports and the judges ruling is classic. David Jones that found Driscoll's version of what happened inside Busch's motorcoach that evening at Dover International Speedway was...
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    What Cameras are these

    Lets see more of this truck. Stewart built?
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    Advice for prepping a trip through Baja on a bike

    My best advice for a Greenhorn through Baja...Is do guided tour the first time. I'm sure someone on here can get you in contact with the right people.
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    Parker 425 video

    Nice,Clean driving. Looks like you had 100 horse more then the rest of the field. Well done. I can watch those videos all day. Good call on no music.
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    Man! I love my Raptor!!!!!

    I'm sure the raptor will get a spin off of that gt40 setup. 500hp out of the box would just make to much sense. Question is? with Ford throwing all the "latest and greatest" parts on this thing. Do you guys think a fully loaded version can be touched for under 70k? Also, what's your guy's take...
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    Man! I love my Raptor!!!!!

    that was good :::golf clap:::
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    VIDEO: TT#1 Steven Eugenio & Armin Schwarz at the 2015 San Felipe 250

    Wow. Congrats on the finish. Glad it wasn't as bad as it looked. That truck sounds so angry
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    Dakar 2015: Stage 11 SALTA -> TERMAS RIO HONDO

    Think that's the whole story? I would think an "exhaust" system would put you out.
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    Dakar 2015: Stage 11 SALTA -> TERMAS RIO HONDO

    Yazeed chose that yota over the hummer for some reason. RG has some Toyota history their. Not that it would ever happen, but see where I'm going with this?
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    Bivouac Randomness

    Thanks for sharing you Dakar Ninja's.
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    Dakar 2015: Stage 11 SALTA -> TERMAS RIO HONDO

    Do they have any factory support?