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  • Jeff, we broke the steering rack on the fourth lap. We did not get a finish in. Very bummed out as we were looking at another good finish.
    That thread is funny as hell even though I have zero involvement...except for knowing a few of the smackers.
    hey jeff. thanks for the bday wishes. ya, everything is fine i just dont have the internet at my apartment. just extra money every month i dont need to spend. hope all is well with you and the fam.
    Apology accepted, just trying to keep RDC lady friendly. Thanks Again very much appreciated.
    Thanks. Darrin, Dave, and Rusty drove this race and did a great job! I was there, but could not take the chance of getting stranded in the desert when I had to be at work back in Ventura, Ca by 4am. I'm still stoked with the finish.
    XJ, I aint going anywhere. I think you confused my Profile with Dan McMillin. He did bail but I am gonna kick him in the nuts till he comes back. I will prolly see him in a few weeks and will pass on your kind words to him.
    Check out www.FuelAction.com when you get a chance. I just started it and I am trying to get it going, you can post photos, videos, and do the same stuff you can do on facebook. .



    The truck ran like a bat out of hell the entire day! I passed Foutz going up the dump road on the 1st lap and he got back around me going up the wash, which was fine because my original plan was to pace him for the first 2 laps and race the last lap. Heading out of Midway on lap 2 I lost all brakes and tried limping it back to the main pits as we had no pits at pit #4. Once getting on the C.A.P. section at RM 112 the drivers side coil spring sheared off, it was a 30 minute fix but took 3+ hours to get the part to us. Finished lap 2 in 3rd place about 10 minutes behind 8110 and heading up the wash at RM 9 called the race. It took us 3 1/2 hours to do the 1st lap and at RM 9 we had exactly 3 1/2 hours to finish our last lap. So we got onto Shea Road and drove it to the shop. Sunday morning we find out that if we would have gone 19 more miles we would have gotten a police escort down Shea Road and been given the finish. What can you do right?

    Parker is right around the corner this is gonna rock I can't wait hope to meet alot of RDC people there going to be at contingency most of the day
    i did low carb and it worked awesom but there was a side effect that involved going to see "dr finger" the proctologist due to a low fiber diet. (not fun) I actually got a gnarly infection and now take a regiment of fiber pills and am all good. good luck and be careful with your colon. the doc said "death begins at the colon"
    my mom got me (her fat son) this book. http://www.menshealth.com/eatthis/index.php it shows the better choices when you eat out and has grocery shopping info also. (fast food included and regular restaurants too) There are calories hidden everywhere and this has helped me alot. I recomend it highly. good luck. I started the new year at 245 pounds and now i am 239.6. i have been riding my eliptical bike also but not too much . it gets easier every day.
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