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    ATTN! 3d modelers

    yeah i have a bit more to tweak with before anything is laser cut or water jetted a local shop will do it for really cheap if i supply the cad files im still figuring out how to setup camber and vehicle dynamics and how to compensate for cornering and such things... one day i will have...
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    ATTN! 3d modelers

    ive recently started modeling and designing long travel/race kits for various vehicles and i was wondering if anybody has any stock vehicle dimensions for some of the truck models. currently im working designing a few budget lt kits to put together and test. im trying to be able to design a...
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    1996 toyota t100 supercharger upgrade 3.4

    ya i got 370 cc injectors a smaller pulley for the s upercharger and its also a 96 would anybody happen to have a stock fuel map for a sr5 tacoma with the supercharger?? i could just run that with the split second psc1-003 MAF signal modifier and program with the laptop to adjust for...
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    1996 toyota t100 supercharger upgrade 3.4

    the pre 97 tacos and t1's computer doesnt support supercharging very well because of the MAF cant adjust itself to such pressure ive got the thing installed everything is fine it says in the manual 1996 models have a hard time adjusting to superchargers so i got the split second...
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    can i find solidworks/cad files with the factory bulkeads for domestic trucks? like factory suspension models ive designed in cad/solidworks but only going off the stock a arm measurements any help would be AMAZING
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    cheap long travel kit

    STOCK equal length kingpin beams with a 10" coilover and beefy but simple engine cage! poly bumps and straps youll modify or extend your radius arms of course and you will get at least 15" youll definately appreciate having a good set of shocks on 15" of travel. DONT SKIMP ON SHOCKS/VALVING...
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    2wd colorado/canyon

    im working on it as we speak ended up only doing 4.5" extended 1.25" forward 5.5" lift spindle ... its a j arm setup now with bump off the spindle havent driven it cuz were waiting for shocks to get back from valving i think we'll have some bumpsteer issues but theres no visible camber...
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    adjustable nitrogen levels

    im not too sure about this but if you run 75psi instead of 150 in lets say a 12" king resivoir shock does it only have half the dampening? or would it just mess the shock up? is it possible to run lines and electric valves to the resivoir bodies and adjust the psi of the shocks to...
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    2wd colorado/canyon

    i like this platform. it makes for a great start to a good offroad suspension from what ive read/can see for myself. before i take the arms off n make a jig does anyone have the mounting point dimensions? im going to do a 5" over set of arms n spindle in solidworks for a school...
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    Why does the internet always suggest “over kill” or the greatest way to build?

    theres no such thing as overkill... u get idiots like me who dont take their foot out of the gas for anything be it pucker bushes.. washouts... moguls... jumps... whatever n think their rig is invincible... im addicted to going FAST through the desert. if i break down... its part of the...
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    31 ford pickup

    would make a good corr super buggy type racer maybe when i win the lottery ill make a vintage class requiring model a-t pickups pre 1935 lol i want to see pics too .... if anyone knows if one has been built or has pics.. post them up plz! i have a 31 cab cowl n bed... i was gonna build a...
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    31 ford pickup

    ya 31. has anybody ever centermounted some a arms n linked one of these things? i was lookin at one that was channeled and had really wide beam/leaves it made me think about the possibilities of real off road capability anyone have any info or pics? im sure somebody has thought...
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    diesel engine swaps? anyone tried something like this? briggs n stratton 3 cylinder turbo diesel... comparable to a 950cc gas engine they put one in a chopper on american chopper ... thought it would cool in a rhino
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    86 trx 250 ESR BUILT

    u guys think this would be a good buy?? he will take 3500 probably even 3000 cash its all sanders built 330 kit all the goodies? i want to know your opinions, i might buy
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    subaru 2.5 turbo (sti motor)

    110 octane blueprinted balanced i was high tho you were right.. and 800 hp is easily attainable with a twin turbo on a 2.5 longblock