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  • Xteena is there and Ashcraft that live in the Solana beach area? My gf live there we are eating dinner with Dana and Michelle and heard them call Ashcraft party of 2.....lol We thought it was pretty random.
    yeah he is on last page of tts and 1s.
    the rest of him willbe under the 10 12 5 section, im almost done with that race, shoule be up in a few hrs
    Yes it was epic.... Thanks for the Corona... We had to get on the road home right after the awards... I wish we coulda stayed longer.

    Was there a rule that if you were running Yokohamas you werent allowed to win?
    hey teena i saw you at the snore race, i was with pats team and i was gonna introduce myself but i never did(dee dee dee) i saw some pics on your myspace did you part with the orange army after the race? i was doing road crossing 9 so i had to stay out on the corse utill the last car which was almost 3 am
    I dunno where we are staying exactly... My Mom rented some condo a block from the beach some place... Thats the best part of the trip...me, my brother and my Mom all on my moms Tab!!!!!!

    Hawaii for free!!! Hooray!!!!!!
    The Orange Army is gonna be one soldier short as I will be in Hawaii the weekend of Primm. I am really bummed I am gonna miss the Tree Bar shenanigans but I think chillin on the beach in Maui will be a decent trade off.

    It was cool to finally meet you and Adam. Take care
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