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  • looks like you were having a blast in there. be cool to see you racing someday. you know i'll be there to help.
    Check out www.FuelAction.com when you get a chance. I just started it and I am trying to get it going, you can post photos, videos, and do the same stuff you can do on facebook. .


    Hah! found u on here!, met you for a sec at the TreeBar...you def are the cutest couple ever and wish you all the best!!!
    Yes. I will be racing my 5/1600 car. Car #575. I think Lucas marked all our pits together so come look for us. I meant to talk to Adam this weekend in Parker but got crazy busy with the car that I was racing. I am heading out tomorrow afternoon.
    Hey you are the only Ashcraft person Ive seen post so far today, but anyways can you pass along a HUGE thank you to the crew and drivers of the TT that brought us an alternator. Thank you thank you thank you!! I hope someday we can return the favor if need be, hopefully you guys wont need it. Hope you guys had a good race!!! Thanks again
    Brandon 1586
    Whatup?! I went friend crazy on RDC haha had to add some peeps to the profile u know! What's the next race you guys r gonna be at? Tell Adam and Jesse I say hi next time u see em!
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