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  • congrats Xteena. Just saw the news in the chat box. Out of curiosity what costume did adam have on when he popped the question?
    the race was good. I had a minute and half on Eugenio after lap 1 then half way on lap 2, my coil took a dump. lost about 25 minutes, and had no other problems to the finish. Only missed 1st by 5 minutes! So close. Sorry to hear about your friends' truck! That always sucks!
    hey chica hope to see you guys in baja cams gettin me a ride but dont know when yet cant wait ta meet ya guys!!!
    Any word from my company yet? Looks like you have a nice new car to commute wtih now...
    your avatar pic looks coo, whos truck is that in the back? by the way congrats on the new car im sure youll be stoke when your at the pump
    jajaja That must mean we both suck because the fast cars are usually the last ones to be unlocked! jajaja!
    hahah I haven't played it yet but I have heard its a lot of fun. I can't wait!
    It feels strange going out there and no racing! It's so ..... odd....lol! I feel like we're cheating! Hard to believe we have races nearly back to back at the end to beginning of the year.
    that would be cool... what street are you off of I could cruise by at lunch sometime.. today I have to go to the DMV and get my stickers for my quad... (they never mailed them) but I know since we are so close there is no reason not to chill :)
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