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  • I'm shooting for getting there Thurs around 1 pm. No speeding ticket this time - I've learned to stay away from those Menzies guys haha ;)
    You still keep the haircut? LOL! Of course I'll be in Parker - am running the Hot Pit :D Maybe this time I'll get to come hang out with you guys after the race - I promise I'll behave... well maybe haha! See you next week!!
    Hey Justin,
    I am so sorry. I just saw this message about the Jacinto Pre-Run. I did not go, but will be there this week for the race with them. If there is anything I can do to help you guys, I would love to. I still want to do some video work with you guys, so please let me know if you need anything at all. Again I am sorry for the late response. The new RDC doesn't really tell you if you have new messages any more! See you soon

    Brian- Deviate Films
    Darlin', it's 3 weeks until the race LOL! And would it be Alliante Station? And are you there for the entire time - Sat nite after the race too? That would be waaaaaay too convenient hehe
    Like a ghost from the past LOL. Yes, Sir - will be at Tech - 3 minutes from my house, gotta love that! Where are you guys staying before and after the race? And I will be Pitler at the Caliente pit :D Is this "our" race to finally make up for lost time and cocktails? When you guys WIN!?
    That would be awesome - it would be great to see you! I'm going to start my liver damage early Thurs afternoon and then take it from there haha! Who are you coming out with if you show - you planning on staying? I may be able to get hook you up :D
    The MINT! Perfect place for drinking and debauchery LOL!! I am trying to decide if I want to work the course at the BAP or just drink for three days haha!
    jajaja!!! really? A "working" radio LOL!!!! I should've just held it hostage - I mean held on to it :D I'm sure Chuck's guys will be there with me again, juuuuuust in case ;)
    Hell yes I'll be in Parker - working the same pit as usual, so if you need me to take a tire or something, I will do that! I owe you all a night to remember jajaja!!!! I miss you guys!!
    It's been waaaay too long!!! Can't wait! When you getting into town? I'll be at the kick off shindig thurs nite, and tech of course on friday! xo
    I had a work disaster Friday and by the time that was done, I was done :( What happened to you guys? Guess I can't miss anymore races you enter LOL... We shall make up for it next time - double trouble haha!
    I know! I am so excited I am beside myself LOL! And what was this about making up for missing V 2 R? I don't think Primm really counted - that was more like a test session haha!
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