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  • Glad she liked them.......... (and others) our mom ordered photos, all over office space ha ha ha. Doing another shoot same area, Thursday afternoon......... Have her tell friends and will comp back to you guys... have a great day, Mike
    Hey Valerie! congrats on your daughter graduating! woo hoo!
    Yes Im going for sure, need a break badly...It will be a great place for taking pics...plus I hear the shortcourse is great for spectating as well....
    Lets chat next week and if your there lets hang out!!
    Hey Valerie! Just saying hello and seeing whats up with ya? Im thinking of going to the Glen Helen Race end of month? you?
    Hope all is well!!
    Hi Valerie.............. nice to hear from you !! Are you going put on your best for Sundays photo shoot! ha ha ha, Mike (hope I have the right Valerie?)
    Hey Val!
    Just a few more days till Stagecoach woo hoo! Lets make sure we find each other!! I'm getting excited! Hope your week is a good one!
    Hey Val!
    Just getting ready to head out of town for a few days but I will catch up with ya when I get back Thursday,.....Hope all is well with you & TTYS!
    Hey Valerie...
    Last race I was at was Toys for Tots in Barstow...prolly be at Battle of Primm and mebbe Parker...what about you all?
    Went to the Snore awards in Vegas last weekend was a HOOT and a half....Hope all is well and hope to see you at a race or two soon! Buster is back riding again finally...its good to see him back on track...I wouldnt doubt if we see him back in a car someday..:) Did Brians foot all heal up ok?
    Trisha :)

    Just wanted to wish you and yours a very blessed and Merry X-mas! and a safe and Happy New Years!
    Like the new Avatar! Still telling all my friends bout how cool all you girls were who all raced!
    Wow..sorry to hear Brians still not at work, but glad hes gettin better, Buster just really made a big effort in the last two weeks coming to work and its paying off so our jobs may be saved! jajaja! He sees the doc tomorrow so maybe they can start on some therapy..I missed Superstition, :( BL didnt wanna go, I didnt wanna just go alone, but he did crazy enuff try riding his dirt bike! OMG we all said,...that lasted about 3 minutes..LOL...said hes not ready, we could of all told him that but guess he had to find out for himself...I definately wanna go to the next race I find it all so exciting!! did you go? Geez I should of just send you a PM as long as this message is...on that note.... You have a great weekend too and hope to see ya again in the near future!
    Hello Valerie and congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great job
    Us guys were talking about this would probably be the first time all three cars will finish
    and that was before you girls started the race again Congrats
    Hey Valerie!

    I was just gonna message you the same....Yes, for sure this time! , Busters feeling up for it....funny enough I even found a High School classmate on RDC who's daughter will be racing...small world! Are you racing or spectating? Looking forward to finally meeting you all!
    Heard you guys did great out there! Shooting to come out for the Powder Puff race...I think that Mesquite will be too much for BL...
    You have a great week too and hopefully CYA in Oct!
    Hey Valerie!

    Not sure youll get this before you leave or not, but Buster decided he was too tired to make it out today, he came in the office at 6:30 and then we took him to the docs and he said all was well and the surgeon in Vegas did a very good job...so that was good to hear he will not start any therapy for 6 weeks...that seems long but....so sorry I wont be seeing you all today but good luck out there! and hopefully I will catch ya all next time!
    Trisha :)
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